Our ambition is to create an enabling and inclusive service where adults and children of all abilities are respected, supported and engaged to fully participate in ordinary activities in work, study, play and home. We want to break down individual and societal barriers and enable you to live your life your way.


We are committed to supporting the ethos of The Welsh Government Play Wales Campaign – Playful Childhoods. For more information about this campaign please visit www.playfulchildhoods,wales 

The ethos of the campaign is ‘Every child has the right to play’. This has prompted us to deliver specialist occupational therapy courses across the UK. These courses are designed with the consumer needs and have been implemented across diverse settings in Wales.

SUCCESS is knowing what you are doing is helping you and others lead a better, happier and healthier life”

Our Aim is to :-  Create a business that empowers service users, enables the person to meet their full potential and maximises their quality of life”


The dynamic duo approach offers bespoke packages of intervention implemented by two highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists. The packages are designed to assist service users to reach their fullest potential in activities of daily living.

Essential in the litigation process where the service users full potential needs to be determined to support claims.

Family centred approach - The services offers client centred, holistic services considering the needs of the whole family.

Whatever difficulty you are facing you can rely on The Dynamic Duo to help you find a path to Success!


We are two highly specialist and experienced occupational therapists working together to provide specialist client-centered assessments and intervention plans to individuals and families.


We work together to problem solve and implement workable solutions to challenging situations.


We are interested in your own views and will work with you to ensure they are respected and implemented as necessary in our treatment plans.


Talk to us.


Dora Weston



BSc (Hons)

HCPC, RCOT, RCOTSS-IP, BABICM, DBS checked, ICO registered

Dora is a highly experienced community occupational therapist and seating assessor with over 15 years of experience in community rehabilitation and NHS settings. She specialises in assessing and treating the impact of disability on a person’s functional skills and activities of daily living.


Dora has an objective approach to skills assessment and uses functional assessments and motivational interviewing techniques. She has excellent communication skills and extensive experience in home visits, carrying out face to face consultations with clients and prescribing suitable rehabilitation and support packages.


Dora has a professional and empathetic approach to clients, their families and friends, and has considerable experience in managing clients in very challenging circumstances.

Dora’s clinical experience covers a broad range of client conditions and needs, including acquired brain injury, muscular skeletal diagnosis, mental health difficulties, long/short term neurological and orthopaedic conditions, spinal and sensory problems, palliative care and respiratory illness.

As an Occupational Therapist, her clinical knowledge and experience of disability enables her to support clients to set realistic and personal rehabilitation goals. She is also able to identify equipment needs, design and plan appropriate care packages and third Sector interventions, as well as assess manual handling requirements, select and provide manual handling equipment and advise for major home adaptations. She has a good understanding of statutory services and funding and is skilled at working alongside other agencies and health professionals.

Dora’s experience in the community has given her the necessary skills to hold a dynamic and vastly changeable client caseload, as well as the education and supervision of rehabilitation technicians and support staff.

Key skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Legislative and clinical knowledge

  • Experience of assessing, setting up and monitoring care and rehabilitation packages

  • Professional report writing and documentation

  • Enthusiastic and creative in approach to case management

  • Empathetic towards clients and their families 

Jodie Hillier



BSc (Hons)

HCPC, RCOT, RCOTSS-IP, BABICM, DBS checked, ICO registered

Jodie is a highly skilled, specialist paediatric and adult occupational therapist with 13 years of experience working with children and adults with brain injuries, learning disabilities, and sensory processing and behavioural difficulties.

Jodie has a special interest in trauma and early life experiences which affect the development of the bodies sensory systems. She has excellent knowledge on executive functioning and strategies to promote development. Jodie has a keen interest in neonatal development and extensive experience with children under 5 years of age. 

Jodie has worked at depth across a wide range of medical conditions and diagnoses, from brain injury and spinal injury to respiratory conditions and cardiology conditions. Her experience extends to working with clients with progressive disabilities and amputees. Jodie is highly versed in working with clients with complex discharge planning needs and in establishing comprehensive care packages for those clients.

Jodie has a wealth of experience within the areas of manual handling (including provision of equipment), risk assessment, major and minor adaptation, intervention plans, and therapeutic intervention. She is also experienced in clinical negligence and has expert knowledge in current legislation regarding service users and occupational therapy practise for adults and children.

Jodie has exceptional organisational capabilities and communication skills which allow her to quickly develop strong, collaborative working relationships with professionals and third sector agencies; multidisciplinary working is second nature to Jodie. The empathetic manner in which she approaches her clients and their families and friends promotes good rapport, which in turn helps to secure effective case results. Jodie is experienced in conducting efficient and effectual client assessments and providing reports of the highest quality.

Key Skills:

  • Exceptional organisational capabilities and communication skills.

  • Highly effective in working in multidisciplinary environments.

  • Excellent assessment and report writing skills.

  • Expert at risk assessment and the implementation of risk management strategies.

  • Expert in manual handling equipment and techniques.

  • Highly effective in the development of rehabilitation programmes.

  • Empathetic towards clients and their families and friends